Hey I haven’t updated this in a while

Oh goodness I took an unexpected hiatus on this blog.  Sorry if I kept on promising an update on this blog.  Ever since I started senior year of high school, I’ve been busier than ever.  I had to think about SAT’s, applications, portfolios, and more this time.  I even cut down on drawing fan art in order to work on my portfolio for some colleges.  To be honest, I do not know how long this would last so I cannot promise when the next update will be.  But I decided for now on I’ll update the blog whenever I have time.  I’m sorry if I couldn’t make my promise on updating, there have been some changes in my life which keep me from drawing fan art and updating the blog.  In all, I’m sorry if I was not able to update this year at all and I hope by 2014 I can start updating more.  

No update on 10/19/13

Sorry guys I have a lot of homework this weekend plus a project so I won’t be able to update!  I’ll see if I can upload next week but I cannot promise anything! 

You can see the drop in quality already.  Sorry guys, I forgot how to draw Glitch again…..

Update 10/10/13 

My SAT tutoring is finished and now I have time on Fridays to update this blog!  Now keep in mind I may upload Fridays or Saturdays but I depends on time.  Seeing that I have some college applications to do and work on my portfolio so there might be times where I won’t upload for one week.  

Well see you guys on Friday or Saturday!  

Two Month Hiatus

Apparently my parents got me a tutor for the SAT and that is going to take up time into my schedule.  Even though this tutor only comes on Saturdays, I still have to do work from that tutor.  Plus this school year I have projects and more homework and because of that, I have less time to draw.  So this month and the whole month of September, I won’t be uploading anything here.  After the SAT (which is on October 5th) I will start updating again.  

Early Friday update.  

Is Glitch going to become a murderer after this?

I’m going to Hawaii on Thursday so I won’t be able update on Friday.  The next update will be on the 19th…….

I’m going to Hawaii on Thursday so I won’t be able update on Friday.  The next update will be on the 19th…….

Part 1 of Glitch’s summer.